• Print and complete the enrollment packet forms located on our Forms page here

  • Return completed enrollment packet, copy of state certified birth certificate, and application fee to the school office.


  • Application and cumulative school records are reviewed. Upon our discretion we may ask both parents and students to attend an interview with the principal. Entrance testing may be required.


  • Upon acceptance, the parents pay the enrollment fee to begin the entrance process and start the student’s academic file.  At time of acceptance/enrollment, parents will provide current immunization records or waiver and any custody or guardianship court agreements.


  • Parents and students sign a “Student and Parent Commitment” form indicating they have read and agree to follow the student and parent handbook and the student code of conduct.


  • Parents sign a contract and agree to the financial responsibility of a Christian education and will budget accordingly.


  • In rare circumstances, students are allowed to enroll during the school year.  In these cases, teachers are allowed at least 2 preparation days before the student attends CCA.


  • The student comes to school ready to learn.


One of the ways we attempt to ensure a safe environment at CCA is by having all students and their families go through an application process.  This process allows the school to more accurately partner with families that have similar educational convictions to those upheld by the school.


We believe that the selection of the student body is second only to staff selection in impacting the school’s mission.  CCA seeks to foster a family-like atmosphere—this can be achieved only when we partner with families that have similar convictions and principles.


Parents and students must agree to the statement of faith and the policies set forth in the student and parent handbook.

New students or students seeking re-admission after dismissal must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0.

Students and families are enrolled at the discretion of the administration.  We reserve the right to refuse admission or continued enrollment to anyone. 

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